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CREW 615-N2

Crew 615-N2 is from Tallahassee, Florida. We chose trek number 22. We are made up of scouts from Troop 16 and one scout from Troop 125. The crew leader was John Engelbrecht. Other scouts that went are, Bradley Thompson, Todd Ikenberry, Neville Melvin,and Donny Douglass. Their ages ranged from 14-18. The adults that went are David Ikenberry, Wayne Thompson, and Don Douglass.

Our Philmont adventure began on June 12, when we left Tallahasse to drive to Atlanta to catch our flight the next day. On June 13, we flew from Atlanta to St Louis, and then to Colorado Springs. In Colorado Springs we met our touring group Adventure Trails. We would spend the next two days in Colorado Springs, where we did things like whitewater rafting and touring the Air Force Academy, and the US Olympic Training Center.

We arrived at Philmont on June 15, and began the check-in process. We also met our ranger, Cade Keenan. Cade would be with us for the next three days, but more about him later. After registration we picked up the food and gear that we would be using at Philmont. Then we went to some meetings and had our shakedown. That night we went to the opening campfire, and then went to bed, because we would start hiking in the morning.

For more about our Philmont trek and a day by day summary of what we did, Crew leader and Trek 22 advice, click HERE.

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